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Our CNC systems ensure the precise fabrication and handling of materials, producing the highest quality product in structural steel. This drastically reduces production time, enabling Hans Steel Canada to deliver all projects on time, every time to our customer’s satisfaction.

Python-X Beam LI

Maximum Profiling Thickness 50mm or 2-inch

The PythonX is a robotic CNC plasma cutting system that has revolutionized structural steel fabrication. It is the marriage of advanced CNC robotics to a highly defined plasma cutting system, equipped with software so sophisticated it program cuts by itself.

Traditional fabrication involves the manual layout of the cuts, moving the beam from the Drill Line to the Ban Saw then to the Coping Station. This process takes too much time, too much space and is prone to too many errors along the way! The PythonX solves these issues … the beam is loaded on the infeed conveyor, the operator inputs the file from TEKLA or other CAD detailing software and the PythonX takes it from
there, calculating the cutting path and sequence, it moves the beam into position and performs all the cuts and/or features in one pass, with a tolerance of accuracy within 2mm for every 100 meters, the PythonX truly is the world’s most productive structural steel fabrication machine!      

What the PythonX can do...

Whether it is a 3” x 3” angle or a large W36 x 300 beam, the PythonX can process any cut, coping, hole or marking required.

CNC 3-Dimensional High-Speed Drilling Line

Three face capability on wide flange beams, with a maximum capacity of 1250mm and a 33.5mm drilled hole diameter.

CNC Plasma Tubular
Profiling Machine

The CNC Plasma Tubular Profiling Machine is very similar to the PythonX, featuring the same ease of use, material handling and precision cutting. The only difference is this CNC machine was specifically designed for tubular structures only.

Gantry Plate Drilling

This CNC machine offers efficiency and precision accuracy with drilling, tapping and/or milling.

Rotating Saw

Submerged Arc Welding Saw

Sandblasting Machine


Steel Tower

Utility Transmission, Distribution & Tele-Communication

Hans Steel Canada is the only monopole manufacturer in Canada with a Press Break capacity of 4000 tons and 15.24 meters. Our prodigious engineering team provides 20 + years of experience and vast knowledge.

Press Brake Machine

4000 tons, 16m (50ft) long

Plasma Cutting Machine

Steel Tower Pre-fit Up

Sub-Merged Arc Line
for Tubular Structures